Lingerie pattern wishlist|2018

Here I share my lingerie pattern wishlist for 2018. Featuring beginners friendly patterns for anyone who is willing to try making their own lingerie.

Sleeve Making

P.S this same post was shared on my other carrymewithyou blog. I just thought it may feel better at home here. Sleeve Making So i have decided to make a sleeve pattern using my measurement. As mention in a previous post these patterns are for constructing a Shirt in later post. Taking measurement is necessary…

Fabric Haul|December 2017

I went Fabric shop last week and decided to showcase my first haul. The fabrics I chosen was from the inspired pieces I saw on popular clothing website.

Banana Pancakes

This is a banana pancake recipe that most can say that they enjoy having it at mornings which is easy to make and a great addition to some breakfast recipe