How to Publish Posts that Search Engines Will Love

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
In the world of website creation, on-page SEO is one of the most important factors (if not the most important) in helping potential visitors find your site. On-page SEO is a term that describes the elements — both content- and code-based — that produce a page that ranks well for searches around a certain topic.…


Community Pool

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
Have you just published a new post and are dying for some feedback? Are you redesigning your blog and could use some layout or design advice from your more seasoned peers? The Community Pool is for peer feedback and advice. Looking for more specific information? Check out some of these resources: Learn, a…

You vanish

A short intro on blaze of how something vanish

I tried and Sewed A Pencil Skirt|First Attempt

I have been Missing in action for a while but i tired sewing a pencil skirt and was my first attempt at one. Here i give a detail post on what i encounter while making my pencil skirt.

Diy| Non Stretch Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are my go to when going to work or traveling to town. Here I create a short tutorial on making your very own basic pencil skirt.