The of age mindless pov’

Please note that this is based on a true story of a girl. I wanted to give my honest opinion on the way she was demonstrated in my eyes.

In far away years Martin Luther king stated that he had a dream- one day coloured and white would have the opportunity to drink from the same fountain. HIS DREAM did came through! White and many coloured folks drenched themselves with the opportunity. But later on the eyes wandered around!

For me I always thought life was a bed of roses. But then quickly realize it’s worst than! Then my thought reflected on a under exposed movie, of my favourite ones. Something of a love novel with a semi Drew Barrymore mixed with past JLo and another person.

She was born into a back alley and gained self loved of not and have. A quick reminder of a hint of life. A SILENT fight with lost understanding just like a worm. A baby in an alien body that has impecive sounds and awareness.

But I looked at it as a sad sorry of a butterfly trying it’s best to spread the wings. Life sometimes to brings the unbearable dragful moments. That even a 2-40 years female would scream the roof off but she didn’t surprisely.

Her family named basters but appealed nobel in their areas. Uncunning and dubbed. Anyway later on this girl minded a change of becoming something that shimmered in the ears and eyes of generation after her.

Nothing like a lion or lionese but something more of a futurist lie. She believed that everything was magically ok for the moment and nothing was like that at all. Somehow I didn’t see the outward potential that was stunning the eyes of that world. And i am not saying that it’s a class of mediocre but a divine price of water running up the hills.

I saw her as a gift from christ not from her mother. Resemble tales spoken from the elders of story times and dinner feast. A slit endeavour of an act of war. She exhaled unto every thing that was given a Mary Jane of past terms.

Mindless- A term i use to express the doubting reality of her story. A young girl with life and self-educated family. A shade of grey but marked with entities of rainbows of plastic. She acted as a cockle on a ripped shore. A beach snail that was forced on the shores. Light shun her but not in the bad way. I remember watching a scene of a dull fainted reality of a cunning outsmarted person. A classroom lid of possibles and all there was to do is admiral.

She was nine, as my thoughts imagine my eyes to believe. Foolish! And concreted. The mind was placed to believed that nothing could be done but instead being a caregiver. A dream of a toddler! The movie gave me no feeling, she was warned while others in her shoes dumpped.

Pov’- It’s not an starving moment :famming.

But a eye opener for well atleast me. Much of the expressed situation was shown. I felt like she got away with robby. Encouraging best friend to be just like her. But it wasnot a shocker she needed help. Not the ones that was given to even everyone but something different. The emotion sprung my mind to a song that i will quote

Dont speak i know what your thinking

and dont need your reason

Dont tell me cause it hurts

Our memories will they can be inviting


It looks as though

Your letting go


If its real i dont want to know

This song use to make me cry, just dont know why! It was performed by No Doubt. A GROUP of fellows and one girl. They later dissolve/ seperated and she became a one person show behind the camera. I choose this song, to me it havd a slight reflectation of the movie and i am assuming experts would say not that song.

She later carry on with her excelling the makeshift hurdles. That was self placed! Very stragetically thinking when placed with the love of her opportunity. She excelled in her classes and win a scholar to become the first of her kind to master in a dream.

life seems to be a vesseled!


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