Book Review: Family Food For a Steal

Hi everyone, I am so excited to share my simple 50 meals of quick and delicious recipes book that I bought a year ago.

I am so excited to share my simple 50 meals of quick and delicious recipes book that I bought a year ago. The actual name for this influential book is Family Food For A Steal carefully edited by Kyle Cathie which was published by Vincent Square Books in 2011. So far this publication has been one of my favourite budget cooking books because of the eyes on delicious soup and dessert section. Also because of the fundamental fact of its particular emphasis on frugal meals that were labeled or pointed out to be Normal -Glutenfree – Vegan Lovers dishes with a whimsical twist on some simple cultural dishes and all-time favourites. Here is my Book review on Family Food for a steal:


Book Review: Intentions of Family food for a steal book and my thoughts

What I instantly realized in this published book editor wanted to create dishes that were affordable, sufficient and flavourable. Some of the remarkable things prominently mentioned in the book were-

cooking interesting and exciting food for a family of four or more can be a considerable challenge without even taking into consideration the obstacle of trying to do so on a budget. We all want to be able to prepare delicious, thrifty food that satisfies the entire family, without spending hours slaving away in the kitchen. This collection of recipes provides the answer -full of flavour, these dishes make the most of the ingredients that won’t cost you the earth and show how cutting costs doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on taste. These are simple and easy- to- prepare meals that the whole family can enjoy and what’s more you can have them on the table quickly even after a hard days’ work so everyone’s hunger is speedily satisfied.”

extracted from page-6, 1st paragraph, Family Food For A steal.
In addition, the editor wanted to include dishes that obtain a keen care when it comes to catering to those with thrifty, allergies and specific dietary requirement needs- marked GF for gluten-free and V for Vegan for identification purposes.

Book review4.jpg

Labeling for specific diets
First of all this book is not necessarily for me, who had a picker eater thou it has attractive displays and gorgeous recipes for a more frugal family. Even though most of majority mealtime are spent alone it still won’t be utmostly necessary for me because of its preferred choice of unique dishes. Growing up, one of my hated meal item was the red radishes. I would merely sit there and watch the staples camouflage into red and oh, the smell of it made me overwhelming sick and secretly holding my breathe. Then to a delighted surprise, I was genuinely shocked to see that Family food for a steal recipe publication seamlessly incorporated a radish meal when most books I‘ve spotted thus far has not published such dish.

Book review

Knowing most teen, they would rather starve than eat this! But then again this is where a key component of playing up the dishes comes into a place. Rendering one to be creative whether with key consistency(desired texture) and shape/size or maybe appropriate placement. Now the writer stated that there would be an ability to properly cook a delicious dish (rewritten in my own words) I fully agreed on that point but with the personal exemption of some ingredients that could urge my entire family to enjoy each recipe prepared. And because it is an iffy book for me, I would consistently have to consider alternatives to make uncertain/disliked ingredients more palatable.
On the other hand, most of the favourite dishes in this book are the soups and sweet endings. Again because of the choices of more acceptable ingredients in my tummy and food senses. One of those dishes is the Bubble & Squeak soup which the author stated that it is comprised of leftovers from vegetables and win there for conservation and is great for winter but to me, soup is great almost every day.


Bubble & Squeak Soup
I think that the book would be great for creative, thrifty, proportional person/individuals/Families but more so for suitable for a person who is time conscious with the vast of an American/British appetite. Even thou it includes great recipes for a person who is on a budget with those item accessible also if they are wondering what to do with days of limited time and great for days when you’re wanting to host when friends are coming over.
Thanks for reading my post and if possible leave a comment about your favorite/worst or maybe iffy cookbook and why it is so!

Book review


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