We are awful at blogging so take these three characteristic of a successful blogger.

Its about 1 year now and the blog is not moving into its predicted direction. And i am guessing that it hurts to see all the hard work and time go down the drain. Now the question is, did you plan out your road trip? Some experience blogger states the importance of having a blueprint for the reality of your blog,seriously i did not! The next thing was to budget out a finacial plan for rain days. For my blog i didnot consider the importance of having a map to direct the unseen expenses of blogging. which somehow i guess that hindered the timeframe for myself to network with other blogger and build a community with them.

Waking up and realising that things may not be the same is reality. For example being able to pay for your blog subscription is a strong contribution to it. The first year of blogging the expectation was to atleast accomplish the threshold but instead it went the opposite. Then the next attempt was Finding out ways to map out the blogging trip process. So i started to think about drafting ideas and brainstorming for the future ahead. Inorder for me to able to Scavage the internet and find photos that can give life to the text. Topic sentence. Having a plan to better your blogging experiences.

#1 Plan out your Blogging trip

#2 they say dream

#3 live

#4 whateva you do


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