Should we pay off over mortage early yes or no?

Ah, I love being free. The thought of it is like runing through fields of flower and wild plants. Then the reality of it is like a marage.? Should i pay now or should i … you know that is the big iffy question. I got a certificate in financial planning from a Austria online site. I went through that like bread and butter shocking! In the course i had to learn about short index managing debt and other financial strategic on a personal note. But then should we should pay off the mortage early yes or no the statement lies below.

The marage

You know a mortage is like a school loan? Then again a bank system differ in each country. Some put it on a fix line and other put it as depreciation. And it is about getting familar with the system. Like removing the storms of from a not so perfect day.

Should you pay off or should you wait.

Look at you the price of your debt and the weight of the good of your income. Would it be valuable or not!


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