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Hickory dickory clock the mouse ran up the clock the clock stroke one the mouse ran down! Would you say the mouse realise something. I realise that i am the one holding the fines while the other succeed. Today the clock stroke one and time just seem me to vanish in thin year. It heard clap a minute ago but i wonder why? Some one said the tin man is coming and i was shook. But my space sames to be taken with unwanted.Then that the life you’ll want me. I lost heaven and hell what is there for me on this earth. No i ever said i ready! Jealousy always circle around wondering the next move. And i was busy building blocks now look at me. Now i am piecing up my pieces after the party has left. What a life! I guess i stick the love and now i am hurting with pounding headaches. Someone plays me like me drum. But i guess that the life you want me to live. I want to be more like a healer but i lost it. My chances became slim because of society. I know i was distant to be great. I forgot the dragon but i read some that if you reading. My days was kind of exposed and laughter of vein souls. History! That is all i see. Quik sands! And she laugheth! I am lost king kong i have been working hard. I been Trying to save dollars to build an empire. But you said he tear me name up. I guess i suppose happy. I brought one of those bag before. It made them tremble. But i was shook.


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