Extremely misunderstood

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You know what i’ll let my pain talk to you.

A photo of a personal drawing -Extremely misunderstood

A bet you think i am crazy. I guess its because you see me different …haha.. a glare in your eye. Hmmm… i know you want to be me secretly but you too confuse with facing reality and fame. 

You see she there alone for a reason and YOu KNOw That. A while back i had her shaking and having all her co-workers thinking she deranged. Lol if they could only see past the smoke..lol. 

She was to fcking simple and you all keep walking over her ….fck that -about things are like that. You must think i stupid! Guess, bet you never know she was dying. But they said it was over a man. HA HA What a thing. I pledged with my creator, she heard and saw but played blind. Yh laugh.. typical kits! 

Jedus urged she was jouverting but the Mercy said no. Thanks to December caregivers. A Pizza turn a spark that fumed into a grasp for air. 

But i started to feel the sting of queen before that and after. I pledged for answers but she jawed.

 One gulped the other worded hate and he stared from his window. 

As she lift her hair for relief ..shock was the mirrored imaged but amusement was it. 

A small vast islanders shouted crazy but the general had the paper stating something else.

What a life eh! I know you wont understand.


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