Self care routine plus a letter from my younger self

Pig been ask e marme why e mouth so long, e replied wait u turn! I could still hear my mother saying that to me when I did something wrong even thou now I am older. And doing something wrong was not thinking about your consequences when action were made. So is self care as well! Thing about it you know something is wrong and its a small matter like blisters but you refuse to attend to it. Due to facts of it being a tiny matter until it fester. Yes self care helps with that and maybe identify other underline problems. That is why I created a small self care routine plus a letter from my younger self.

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Disclaimer: This post is written in good faith that it my help someone out there. Also please note that you are to speak to your general practioner/ Nutritionist/Dermatologist before proceed with this information.

Self care routine

Now everyone around me has been through something -stress,chronic disease and anxiety to name a few. Even thou they may hide it! One of the things I had to learn is to take care of myself. And everything had to be learnt fast, all thou I still dont know much yet. But who does anyway! One of the things that was to be adapted in my self care routine was to eminently grow strong with stretched shoulders. That did not happen, you know that instantly life tends to take control when it see best or fit.

Steps to care routine based weekly:

Eat from the six food group

Drink atleast 40 glasses or 5litres of water (or based on dietary requirements)

Ensure that your room is kept clean enough to function happily.

Have a deep cleanse at home facial and manicure.

Paint your toes

Unplug for atleasts 2 -3 hour other than sleep time

Deep condition skin with special specific items (this is based on your budget or spending)

Unwind at a safe public places such as park or beaches.

Exfoliate your skin to remove dull and dead skin.

Examine your body for bruises, blisters or scraps/scratches.

Bond with family and friends that makes you happy and has the best interest of seeing you remain that way.

Life is short and wonders of surprises are out there. And we were told noone can be prepared for ever thing in life. So why not live and do the best there is to caring for our self in the simpliest way. Like visiting practioners for check ups,managing the surrondings and putting a little love into caring for those bodies we were given.

A letter from my younger self

Dear love,
Life has had me on a shook note! It makes me smile when I had to think about past situation and certain past events. Presently I am just here leaning to my understanding and trying to stop and smell roses while admiring the wild life well atleast what is left of it. I am no longer in the frame of mind that yesterday has brought forth to me. But instead using my hands to mold whatever needs to be. Today was a bit ‘hot’, so I drink quite the unregularly amount of water than normal. Also u remember the story that you told me years back about what you did to laugh,I had a crackle moment thinking about it. Now I have been writing a lot about me what about you how is life with you. I saw you the other but I did not said anything , was about to. Some how my mind changed but differently the next time. Ps thanks for the little advise it took me awhile to understand what was being said. Really appreciate it !
Best wishes
You know who I am.

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