I tried and Sewed A Pencil Skirt|First Attempt

Hello, fellow emerging fashionistas! Damn it’s been awhile since I wrote a post. Which I intend to apologize for the long neglect. I am so sorry… can you forgive me? Thou I blame it on  YouTube and it’s craft and sewing community, yes, get me all so snuggly in bed with my tablet researching. Now that’s clear can we please talk about my first attempt at pencil skirt making. Which was dope and had me all daydream into opening my own clothing line, then again these things don’t happen in real life…riiiite. Or do they? Would I be kidding myself with that, maybe it could have just been my beginner’s luck, you know win today and lose tomorrow just like fashion. And oh yes!


First of all, before we start talking about my skirt let me put this out- a feeble attempt is better than none! Only Last year I dared myself to make a closet full of clothing. Which I accepted the challenge of course. Making this year the first time I’ve put my ass over my head in creating something like a pencil skirt. I bet you out there saying simple- yes! Only when looking at it but complicated AF to me. Then again how would you know that I  Somehow realized that sewing is complicated! Why is inserting a zipper so hard AF, especially after you stitched the side or creating the buttonhole? The pressure of this weighs on me.

I tried making a pencil skirt
Fabric haul | December 2017

Secondly, I made my skirt from none stretch fabric only because the fabric was cheaply accessible. Yes a win there for me but then a lost when things like affordability encourage me to buy something else and that’s a whole different story there. Sigh, yes one step closer to my dream of sewing something couture, an empty bank account and a closet full of clothing which this piece commenced.

The pencil skirt process and findings

I am not going to lie when I say it was tedious when making this pencil skirt. I had to spread out the process of it due to my working hours.

The steps I took

  • Draft the patterns
  • Cut out the fabric patterns
  • Loaf around
  • Zigzag the raw edges
  • Sew the sides
  • Then inserted the zipper
  • Attach the waist
  • Sew on the button 
  • Created the buttonholes.

Here the post -DIY pencil skirt

Diy| Non Stretch Pencil Skirt

During making and after wearing the skirt I picked up on certain things like these below:

  • The process was challenging


  • I made errors when I chose to insert the zipper in after sewing the sidesZipper
  • I need help when It comes to creating a professional buttonhole.ButtonButton hole
  • After wearing the skirt I realize the zigzag method was not as effective for my material since it still frayed after wash.Pencil skirt
  • Also, my hemline was not straight as I thought but somehow I had sown most of it in a continuous straight line.
  • The skirt fits well to me despite the extra space it has below my hips. Then again I would have more room for my huge legs so they won’t rub together.

I tried and sewed a pencil skirt

Since I found my errors I decided that I want to continue making a skirt but instead venture into these styles below:

Pencil skirt inspo.

  1. Fendi Skirt
  2. Contrasting skirt
  3. Studs and zips Skirts
  4. Wrapped scallop skirt

In all, my feeble attempt was a success to me since I finished my pencil skirt and have it to sport off. I should have inserted the zipper at the begin of the project which would have made the process easier. I guess the saying practice makes perfect would come into effect eventually.


Was this post useful in a way to you? Are you just beginning skirt making and are you’re a self-taught person, tell me about it?

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