2018 Fitness goals( + A Letter to my Younger Self)

Hey lovely

2018 I’m about trying new stuff and exploring to the possibility of a greater health through fitness. February is the month that would kick-start my fitness goal activities.

This year my fitness plan is to look fit and be fit.

In my mind looking fit is having a flat tummy and a good posture. It’s something that I always admire and had before giving birth to my daughter.

Peony.co -2018 fitness goals (+ a letter t my younger self)
At The Historical Fort Thomas Hotel

What are the pre-fitness plans

  • So far I have dreamt of accomplishing this with a three months span but in reality of thinking it through, I decided to explore the YouTube videos for beginners fitness tutorials.
  • The next thing I decided was to get an app to track my goals and training process. To be motivated by keeping my journey on point with minimal distractions.
  • Years ago before I got pregnant with my daughter, I transition my eating habits from chicken to fish diet which resulted in losing weight fast and getting a flatter tummy. This time around I just wants to incorporate a greener eating habit into my diet and try eating a balanced diet.

What are the pre-expectations

So far I expect that I would start but get distracted and maybe quit before the year-end. I only think this due to me trying before and ending up failing within the first month.

  • I may see quick results in a week with my waist being reduced by inches and then regain them the following week. This is something that I experience regularly.
  • If I am successful with following my work out plan I would have a flatter stomach and proper posture within 8 months stretch.
  • Somehow I predict that I may have to incorporate my corset to further aid with my posture.

Peony.co 2018 fitness goals (+ a letter t my younger self)



For 2018 my fitness goals are set! It’s all about being and looking fit and incorporating greener eating habits. I am excited to share my fitness goals and pre-expectations.

Letter to my youngerself:

Below i wrote a letter to my future younger self about a little self care and awareness- read below!

Peony.co 2018 fitness goals (+ a letter t my younger self)




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