2017 Me Made Recap

2017 Me Made random recap.

Last year I went on a mission to create clothing from items I didn’t want or found zero use for and one or two from fabric I previously purchased. Some of which was inspired by the trends that were floating around in 2017. How did they go? Damn great despite the challenges I encountered. But never the less I managed to accomplish some!

 2017 Me Made Recap Projects


 African Off Shoulder Circle top

2017 me made recap
African off shoulder circle top

This top was inspired by the African print trend that was popular last year. Originally was a dress with elastic gathering and I just simply removed them and made it into an off-shoulder circle top. The good thing about this circle top is that it was super easy to make and I obtained great feedback regarding it.

Me made an African off shoulder circle top
@St.Kitts Eco Park 2017

Looking at this picture I just realize how innocent I look here…Shocking!

More detail photos of the African Print off the shoulder top.




Linen Batik distressed top.

Couple years ago I bought this batik wear as a dress and never appreciate the need to wear it as is. It was just there in my closet gathering dust until I finally transform it into a top. To me, it was a superb choice especially since I live on an island and would be suitable for an everyday wear to town.




Unfinished project

Maroon Mesh Shorts

What really inspired me about this one was the beach. If you never knew I love to look at the sea and going to the beach, it’s very relaxing.

I was surprised how easy the fabric was to sew with And it not being too sheer for a bathing suit cover-up. Can you believe I made this from a curtain fabric I had that never had any partner? I truly relish the fact they it is stretchy and has no need for elastic.







Off Shoulder Lace Dress

This was something I was contemplating to wear to a wedding if I was invited to any. Also was made from reused fabric from my mismatch curtain stash. Presently I am rethinking this design and determining how I can readjust the fit of it and what I should include to finish the sleeve.





Mini Gingham print blouse

Digital Camera

I started making this top with the intention to wear it at work for the new year but never got the time to finish. It was supposed to feature a statement sleeve that I am currently deciding on.






Last year  I had big dreams of creating items that could wear to work, beach and even to town and never had enough time and motivation to finish the projects. This year I am doing things differently! Scheduling/Time Management is the current mode from today.



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