DIY|The Romance Vase -Valentine’s Day Edition.

Valentine’s day as always been a self thought of Romance and Love. When looking at photo that features elegance romance and sophistication there are these  trends of see through materials, flowers and sparkly which gives off a classic feel about them .

Well this year I wanted to  do something that represent just that but with a budget friendly vibes.

Normally I would throw away my drink bottles but this time something spark in my head. Why not recycle this and at least look at the details on the bottle, it  captivated me.

DIY| Romance Vase - Valentine's Day Edition.

 I told myself I could reuse this in a peculiar way hence the birth of my DIY Romance Vase for the first Valentine’s Day edition. Somehow I felt the necessity of choosing a spot to show case this beauty and what better place than my  dressing table (It was previously own by my late Grandmother RIP). After all it was in dying need of a help…

The result was a delightful Romantic Aesthetically pleasing. View…..Well at least to me.

For this tutorial as previously mention, I decided to focus on my dressing table for reason such as

  •  It was so boring.
  • Mostly the first thing I see when waking up.
  • To add spice to my room.
  • It best fit to my budget.


Romance Vase- Valentine’s day Edition tutorial.

Things you would need

A gift bag with a draw string
A pre-washed drink glass bottle or an old vase
Roses fresh or dried


DIY| Romance Vase- Valentine's Day Edition 1 Place the bottle into the  gift bag to create the vase. This is to add  interest and the fact that the bag material is a see through fabric it don’t overwhelm the glass bottle.

DIY| Romance Vase - Valentine's Day Edition 2

Adjust the drawstring slightly below the opening of the bottle’s mouth. This should be  knotted, to secure  from moving.

DIY| Romance Vase -Valentine's Day Edition 3
Dried mini rose

Insert your flower and arrange it to your aesthetic. I am so proud of myself with these mini dried roses. You can also use a different  selection that you may have greenery, faux, sticks or whatever else is out there ….

Viola my finish look!

DIY Romance Vase - Valentine's Day Edition 4

To me it was  very easy, affordable  and very time efficient for busy people like me and you (cause I always wonder where the minutes and seconds disappears to) also if you want to spice up you dressing table or any area lacking Romance. Then try this DIY Romance vase Valentine’s Day Edition, also  this decor can be use beyond the Valentine’s day event depending  on your liking with different colours or materials.




  1. Very pretty and creative! I also love coming up with DIY crafty ideas. For instance, I made some gifts this past Christmas with mason jars. I filled them halfway with smooth colored “river rocks” from the Dollar Tree Store (they look like glass marbles) and then added tall candles, pushed down into the rocks in the center. Added pretty sparkly bows on the outside mouth of the jars. As the candle burns down, it reflects all the colors of the rocks. Really pretty!


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