Lingerie pattern wishlist|2018

Lingerie pattern wishlist|2018

Curiosity has persuaded me to love the sewing machine and those addictive sewing tutorial post with the attractive lingerie patterns encouraged me to learn about sewing. But actually, it started as a child. My family always showered me with Barbie and Disney dolls which contributed the idea to sew their clothing since no one cared to buy any outfit for them. I was hooked, always finding ways to do something. Looking at my lingerie (the panties) and wondering how it was made so I can consider the most constructive ways to reproduce them for the dolls. Those were the happy old days.
Somehow, when I was in high school I ended sign up for clothing and textile classes but lost interest in sewing. I replaced that class with Food and Nutrition (I loved that subject it made me learned so many stuff and even compelled me to think about studying Nutrition.).Eventually, the interest came back in 2014 when the sewing communities were just popping up left, right and center literally everywhere. So I got inspired to buy a machine, the first thing I made was pencil cases and throw pillows. I also tried making my own clothing but for some reason, they never came out how I envision them (so disappointing). Since I started blogging again, I had this urge to sew so many lingerie. Especially being that they are so costly and it gives me the option to get my hands on unique items for a change in my life # Goals.

Here is my lingerie pattern wishlist

Lingerie wishlist|2018
Ohhh LuLu – Ava High Waist Panties Pattern

Ohhh LuLu Ava High Waist Panties Pattern
This is an Ohhh Lulu lingerie pattern that features a beginner friendly high waist panty tutorial. The description states they are so comfortable to wear impeccable for vintage clothes or high waist jeans or pair them with a flowy top for cool-weather sleepwear and even make for the perfect swim bottoms!

Stretch Bra And Panty Pattern

Lingerie pattern wishlist|2018
Burda Style – Stretch Bra And Panty Pattern

This is a Burda style basic bra and panty lingerie pattern set that you can use as a template for modification when developing your own stylized lingerie and unmentionable!

The Anouk Bodysuit

Lingerie pattern wishlist|2018
Ohhh Lulu- Anouk bodysuit

This is one of my dream lingerie patterns.Produced by Ohhh Lulu and states “love to create patterns that offer many versatility, and this one has so many creative options. Sew it in sheer mesh for a sexy lingerie piece, in soft cotton lycra jersey for comfortable loungewear, or in spandex for a simple one-piece swimsuit!

The Bralette

Lingerie pattern wishlist|2018

The bralette is perfect to wear for summer and everyday wear in my opinion. A beginner lingerie pattern that features a cozy bra. This bralette can be made to be dressed in during the summer or just basically sported under your clothing.

That concludes my picks for the wish lists this time around. 

Which is your favourite from the list above?



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