Fabric Haul|December 2017


Fabric Haul


Hi and welcome to my first official sewing related post.

Today i am here with my first fabric haul.

So last week i went fabric shopping, i recently stumbled on some inspirations on the internet and decided i needed to make them.

Here are the selections:


Fabric 1

My first to share issa jean fabric.

Jean Fabric

It’s a stretch material and not that easy to fray on it’s own. Could you imagine I was in the fabric store just walking up and down looking for this fabric while passing it on my way. I was so astoned  when i asked the store clerkand she revealed that I was passing by it all the time and  where it was . This fabric cost me $25 ($9.26USD) per yard.  Presently I  image making all sorts of clothing but I only bought a yard now I am thinking i should of bought 2 yards.

Fabric 2


This is probably my favourite.

Black mesh

A four way stretch mesh material that is also see through and it’s in black. I saw so many style idea on the internet and was so inspired to buy this material. The beauty about the mesh fabric is that u can play with it and create all sort of pieces. Could you  image creating a top or sleeveless dress and then add embellishments to compliment it.

Fabric 3


Black and white cotton fabric

I wanted something breathable and light to have a proper ventilation through the day. I already started a project with this material and is looking to create something else but I just can’t figure out what to make.


The extra item

Fringe trim

Fringe trim

I saw this all over the place and I just wanted to see what I can do with it, you know challenge myself for a change. Not sure what I will use it for as yet.




This is my first fabric haul and I wanted to challenge myself by being inspired from clothing around the internet.

What do you think I should do with these fabric?


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