Sleeve Making

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Sleeve Making

So i have decided to make a sleeve pattern using my measurement. As mention in a previous post these patterns are for constructing a Shirt in later post. Taking measurement is necessary to achieve this.

Things you will need:

Measuring tape

Rulers (curve &straight)

Pattern paper





Taking measurement

Overarm length- measure with a slight arm bend, I will be using 19.75

Elbow length- 11.25

Wrist bone length- measure from your wrist bone to where your sleeves ends.1 1/2

Bicep- add 1 inch for ease for fit.

Wrist bone- measure around your wrist and add 2 inch so your hand can get in and out.

Sleeve cap height-overarmlength minus underarm length so that’s 13-19.75= 6 3/4

Let’s begin drafting ☺

Place point A-B (Overarm length)which equals 19.75 vertically

A-C equals sleeve cap height place point C with Horizontal line

A-D equals to your elbow length place point D with horizontal line

Extend lines of C,D and B from left to right with a 1/2 measurement of bicep plus 1 inch on each lines.

C-E measures half of bicep plus 1/2 inch

C-F same as C-E

B-G has 2 inches less than C-E

B-H same as B-G

Start connecting points G and E and points H and F

Mark elbow section that is where the d point is place right from d and j is left.

Sleeve cap

E-K is equilivant to 1/4 of E-C example 7*1/4 =1.75

F-L equals to 1.75 from F

A-M equals to same measurement as E-K which is 1.75

A-N equals to 1.75

place a line 7/8 inches up from K and mark O

Place a line 5/8 inches down from M and mark P

Place a line 3/8 inches down from N and mark Q

Place a next 5/8 inches up from L and mark R

Using a straight ruler touch points O-P and mark midpoints then label S

Repeat same step for Q-R and mark mid point then label T

Using a curved ruler connect points A Q and T pointing downwards.

Drawing top of front sleeve cap with the same curve ruler connecting F R and T pointing upwards

Connect F to L then to the mid line.

Do the same for back sleeve cap A P and S pointing downwards and with the curve ruler connect E O and S upwards. Connect E to K then to the mid line.

Sleeve Dart drafting

U equal half of I-D Mark point

V equal 3/8 inches down from U

W is 1 inch from I

Connect points I to V and V to W

Final step

G-X equals 5/8 inches line G-B

H-Z equals 5/8 inches line B-H

From the back sleeve connect W to X and extend line with 1 inches past X and mark Y

Connect Y with Z

From the front sleeve connect Z to J and make  sure line is drawn correctly.

Create back sleeve cap notches the top being 1 1/8 inches below point S and the second line spacing 1/2 inches apart.

Create front sleeve cap notch with one line 1 inches below point T

The end ….

©2017  all rights reserved to the author .


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